Chevrolet Buick GMC Tools Organization Inventory Management

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BMW Tool Organization Solutions

Our A-Team traveled out to Durham, North Carolina to install a BMW tool organization solution.

Transcript of Our BMW Tool Organization Solutions

We are just wrapping up here at Hendrick BMW, and we are in Durham, North Carolina. And this shows you what their tool room solution turned out like.It turned out nice. Here are their panels. All their tools are hung up in numerical sequence, so, every tool has a place. As you can see, it shows you the picture of the tool, the tool itself and the tool numberIf the mechanic knows the tool number, he can just go right to the number. It’s numerical sequence, so, it just works like a big book. And, if he doesn’t he can physically go through the panels until he visually spots the tool and then retrieve it. And the tool will have a number on it, so he will know how to get it back.Here you can see all the tools. Here is their cables… same thing, all their cables are in numerical sequence, hung up by number. With any tool system, a big part of it is having room to grow.So, what we do is we hang them up an essential tool inventory, but we also leave room (extra space on the panels or extra panels) to put tools up. With BMW, we’ll pull out their legacy tools (we call them) and we place them in containers and break them down by numbers. That’s what is back here (behind the panels). We put them in these nice totes, label them nice and they are all broke down by numbers.We put up a wall mount over here and hung some of their engine stands, engine lifting fixtures. We put up their dog tags. When a mechanic comes in, he takes a dog tag and hangs it in place of the tool he retrieves.

BMW Tool Storage Solutions

BMW Tool Storage Solution at Durham, North Carolina

​Here are their shelves which we label. We make up kits for assembly tools. I’ll show you that… I’ve have a couple of carts for their bearings. This is a spring compressor cart that has all their spring compressor tools in it. I’ll see if I can open it up and show you… [opens cabinet to view in]There is a cabinet over here for shop supplies. This shows you the kits I spoke about earlier. We made them up one for the N20 timing tools, N51, N63 and any other tools that have an assembly or a lot of pieces. Messy tools, we’ll place in these totes.Ok, with that, we worked for Ray, we met Gary & Danny over here (the foremans). They are a great group of guys.If you are looking to have your tool room done, these are the people you contact. That’s 888-245-0050 or If you are looking to have your tool room done, no matter if you have tool boxes, panels or whatever you have, these are the people you should contact, get some advice. We have lots of videos out their that show you before’s and after’s.Ok, with that I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to shut er’ down.Other BMW Tool Organization Solutions:Click here to view other BMW Tool Storage Solutions

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Don’t let your valuable tools sit lost somewhere on a shelf or out in the shop.

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