For applications where a padlock is better suited to locking the tool room (cages, fences etc.), TOS offers the Noke standard padlock. This padlock works with WiFi directly through the Toolsguard app. The lock is opened through the Toolsguard App which records every time the lock is opened – you know who accessed the tool room. Now that’s tool room security!

NOTE: This product is a part of our Toolsguard Mobile App Service. Please contact us at 888-245-0050 for more information or visit our Toolsguard page.

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Crafted with durable materials, rigorously tested, and certified, the Nokē Standard padlock is made to simplify access control


Nokē Shackle Thickness: 8mm
Nokē Shackle Material: Boron-hardened steel
Nokē Strength Tested: CEN Level 1
Nokē Certifications: CE Compliance/Certification, FCC Certification, Ex Certification
Nokē Lock Weights: 319g / 11.25oz / .7lbs
Nokē Lock Battery Life: 1+ Years
Nokē Lock Battery Type: 2032 Coin Cell Battery
Nokē Compatibility:
– iOS: iPhone 4s or newer
– Android: Devices with BT 4.0, Android 4.4 or newer
Nokē Lock Operating Temperature: -10°f to 150°f / -23°c to 65°c
Nokē Lock Body: Zinc Alloy
Nokē Water Resistance Rating: IP66
Nokē Silicon Cover: Can be added for extra layer of protection against heavy and continuous impact


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